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Programme Introduction
Electronics Technology brings to our lives all the modern products which we take for granted. These devices are often unseen and unrecognized, but utterly essential for our social, business and industrial lives. Electronics Engineering is concerned mainly with the systems used for the transmission and processing of information of all kinds from simple control circuits to complex international satellite digital telecommunication systems. It includes analogue and digital television systems, portable computers, super computers and sophisticated space exploration systems. Electronics Engineering deals with the design, manufacturing and application of electronic components, particularly semiconductor microchips. It is also central to industrial automation and encompasses areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence and satellite launching and position control. The knowledge required for a job in the field of electronics is very special and includes a good grounding in the fundamentals of electricity and electronics with their application to computer systems, communication systems, modern automobiles, aerospace, and many other fields.

Career Prospects
After completing the diploma, students can work in ASIC Design based company, Mobile Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, RF Planning & Optimization, TV Channels, Research & Development Organizations Heavy Electrical Industries, NDC, Suparco, PMO, Pak Air Force, Pakistan Army, KRL, Atomic Energy Commission & Manufacturing & Power Plant as junior engineer and as junior technologist.

Also students will be eligible for BSc, BE and B. Tech. degrees in the relevant fields from reputed universities (Government & Private sectors) all around the glob