Pak South Africa Friendship Association
Internationally recognized institution

  • Roll call is maintained in each period.
  • For annual examination, 90% attendance is compulsory.
  • Any student with 5 or more absent in a month will be expelled and readmission will be required.
  • To maintain 100% attendance various steps are taken.

Leave Procedure

  • For leave parents/ guardian, mentioned in the admission form, will have to come personally.
  • In case parent / Guardian can not come personally, he/she is required to send an application with the signature already marked on the Admission form along with a copy of CNIC.
  • For sick leave application must be supported by the medical certificate (s). Telephonic leave is strictly prohibited.
  • Only one leave is allowed in a month in case of emergency.
  • Only two non consecutive casual leaves will be allowed in a month and over all twenty four leaves in a session.