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Final Examination: Final exam is conducted according to the K.P.K. Technical Board Peshawar (Government of Pakistan) rules and regulations. However, for appearing in the final exam students have to pass through the various stages of internal assessment tests which comprises as follow:-

Quizzes 2- Quizzes per week (At least)
Presentations 1- Presentation per week
Sessionals 1- Sessional per month
Pre Board Exam Per Year
Home Assignments 2- Assignments per week
Ethics have the weight age
Laboratory Reports The students shall submit laboratory reports on each laboratory practical which the course teacher will evaluate.

Qualifying Criteria: The instructor may give more tests if he finds it necessary. There shall be choice of questions in any of the evaluation techniques. Absentees in any of the above tests shall be awarded zero marks.

Attendance: A student with less than 85% attendance in class lectures and laboratory work in a course, whatever the reasons, shall not be allowed to take the final examination and will have to repeat it.