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 System Analyst Tuesday, April 17, 2018 | 07:33:46 PM

Inter/Intra College Transfer

Students willing to migrate to RED-C Institute of Engineering and Technology Islamabad from any other institution will be required to provide following additional documents at the time of admission.

  1. A certificate from the institution last attended showing attendance record and amenability to discipline and good behavior.
  2. Migration certificate from the relevant board. Migration cases will be accepted subject to rules and availability of seats in the institute.
  3. If any student of RED-C Institute of Engineering and Technology desiring to join another institution is normally issued an "Institute leaving Certificate" only after clearance of outstanding dues.
  4. As there is migration from institute to Institute similarly board to board migration is also possible. For example a student is studying in the institute that affiliated with Punjab BTE/Sindh BTE/ Baluchistan BTE can be migrate to institute affiliated with KPK BTE.
  5. Also the Principals of both the colleges have no objection to it.

Transfer is not permitted in the following cases:

  1. The student is under disciplinary or academic punishment;.
  2. Disciplinary action is pending against the student;
  3. Dues are outstanding against the student;