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Code of Conducts

  1. Institute remains open from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm in winter and 8:00 am to 11:30 am in summer. 
  2. Institute starts with the recitation from the Holy Quran and National Anthem.
  3. All the students are bound to attend the assembly daily.
  4. In each class all the staff members mark the students' attendance.
  5. It is compulsory for the students to maintain 95% attendance in each academic session.
  6. Students and teachers are bound to maintain the subject's note books.
  7. On the basis of monthly test and student attendance, report book is maintained and sent to the parents before fifth of each month.
  8. In case of poor performance of the students, teacher-parent meeting will be called.
  9. Internal exams will be conducted after every three months.
  10. After the course completion, detention exams will be held in the institution before sending their names for the Board exams.
  11. Next year classes will start after two months of annual exams.
  12. Smoking is not allowed in the campus premises including roof top, lounges, corridor, back lawns and the front area of the campus.
  13. Jewelry, Pony tails, Bandanas, caps, shawls are not allowed.
  14. All students are required to carry a valid student ID card while on campus.
  15. No outside campus activity in the name of RED-C Institute of Engineering & Technology can be arranged without prior permission of the RED-C IET administration.
  16. Drinking and eating is not allowed in the classrooms, labs and corridor and during any formal activity.
  17. The use of mobile phones within the campus is against the norms of an academic institution. Therefore mobile phones are strictly prohibited.
  18. Indulging in activities which are derogatory to Islam and against the prestige and honor of the Institute is strictly prohibited.
  19. Provocative speeches and an attempt to organize or participate in a strike to pressurize the Institute for unlawful demands will be dealt strictly.
  20. Possessing or carrying arms or any other weapons is strictly not allowed.
  21. Only decently trimmed hair-cut is allowed. Hair growing over and beyond the ears or touching the shirt collar on the back is accounted as violation and is taken seriously. Parents may, therefore, ensure compliance of the same.
  22. In case of withdrawal, the parents have to submit a written application and will have to clear all the session dues at least a month in advance.
  23. No student is allowed to distribute or paste any poster or pamphlet in the Institute premises.
  24. No student will collect any money or donations on the behalf of the Institute.
  25. Every person's beliefs are his private affair; therefore, students must respect the convictions of others in the matters of religion and customs.
  26. Students must devote themselves faithfully to their studies.
  27. Parents and visitors are not allowed to meet students during classes.
  28. Students have to update their addresses, cell numbers etc. with the passage of time after admission, if necessary.

Note:- In result of inquiry if the Students Discipline Committee is satisfied that an act of indiscipline has been committed, it may impose penalty according to gravity of the case as prescribed.