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System Analyst Tuesday, April 17, 2018 | 07:59:24 PM

Attendance/ Leave Regulation

It has been observed that even intelligent and regular students sometimes observe irregularities. To overcome this bad habit, there will be no compromise and relaxation for those students who come late to the Institute without any reason.

  1. Students coming late will be punished and fined. After 15 minutes the Institute's gate will be closed for late coming students and they will not be allowed to sit in the class and considered absent.
  2. For regular late coming students, the Institute will inform their guardians. They are called to give an undertaking about timely arrival of their children. If that even does not work properly they will be expelled from the institute.
  3. During the working days no student is allowed to leave the Institute before the leave time.
  4. If any student crosses the boundary of Institute without the consent of administration, Institute will not be responsible for any mishap and the Student's name will be struck off.
  5. Roll call is maintained in each period.
  6. For annual examination, 85% attendance is compulsory for institute as well as relevant board.
  7. Any student with five or more than five absentees in a month will be expelled and re-admission will be required. To maintain 100% attendance various steps are taken.
  8. For leave parents/ guardian, mentioned in the admission form, will have to come personally.
  9. In case parent / Guardian cannot come personally, then they are required to send an application with the signature already marked on the Admission form along with a copy of CNIC.
  10. For sick leave application must be supported by the Medical certificate (s). Telephonic leave is strictly prohibited.
  11. Only one leave is allowed in a month in case of emergency.