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 System Analyst Tuesday, April 17, 2018 | 08:07:41 PM

Student Expulsion

Expulsion of any student is primary right of the Principal. The Principal has authority to strike off any student's roll in the best interest of the Institute without any prior written notice or without assigning reason to any person as it is an administrative matter which is not necessary to justify.

A student disqualified in the internal exam will be expelled from the Institute and will not be readmitted in any case. However he has to pay all the dues of the Institute for full session. Father/ Guardian should carefully note this point before admission and signing the undertaking.

In case of permanent expulsion a written notice will be issued to the student concerned or may be posted through registered post. Dispatch record will be considered as valid evidence of such notices. After six days of temporary expulsion, it will turn into permanent expulsion. Any disobedient student will be struck off and no excuse will be entertained.