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System Analyst Monday, April 16, 2018 | 08:08:23 PM

Gold Medalist (Overall Board 3rd Position Holder)

Name:                   Muhammad Nadeem

Roll #:                  969460

Position:               3rd in overall Technologies & 1st position in Petroleum & Gas Technology

Marks:                  2993/3300

Year:                    3rd

Trade:                   Petroleum & Gas Technology

I proud to say that I am the 3rd position holder among all students of all technologies offered by KPK BTE and of all colleges running under umbrella of KPK BTE in annual exam  2014. This credit is directly going to my all genius and hard worker teachers played great role my success.

My course at this college has given me opportunity to explore technical ideas. I would have not been able to touch with in a conventional corporate work setting. I would like to say it has open to my eyes to a brighter engineering oriented based future. RED-C IET provides me opportunity to show my abilities in education and it enhances my Personal and Professional skills and helps me to develop my personality through different healthy activities like presentations & quiz program etc. Admission in RED-C IET is one of best decision of my life.