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System Analyst Sunday, April 15, 2018 | 11:44:56 AM

  1. The Hostel Student Affairs Committee is a division under the office of the Principal.
  2. Supervision of day-to-day operations of the Hostel.
  3. Arrangement and direction of staff duty rosters.
  4. Active participation in staff duty
  5. Promotion and Management of Hostel facilities for hire and rental purposes.
  6. Direction and supervision of hostel maintenance.
  7. Security, cleanliness and safety of the Hostel buildings, vehicles, grounds and equipment etc.
  8. Liaison with all Hostel staff, including other section likes catering, Kitchen, Laundry and Cleaning Staff.
  9. Interviewing, selection and appointment of Hostel Staff in association with the Principal.
  10. Liaison with other institutes/universities hostels.
  11. Maintenance of co - operative and sound relationships with all boys.
  12. Maintenance of the disciplinary system in strict accordance with hostel systems and RED-C IET polices, to ensure the smooth running and high reputation of the hostel.
  13. Maintenance of an accurate data base on all disciplinary incidents.
  14. Oversight of and involvement in the healthcare system of the Hostel.
  15. Maintenance of a high level of reporting to parents on matters of student progress, discipline and welfare etc.