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System Analyst Sunday, April 15, 2018 | 12:23:28 PM

Tutorial Board (TB)

A Tutorial system established on sound lines is fully functional in the Institute which helps in promoting co-ordination & mutual understanding among the teachers and students. All the students of the Institute have been divided into small Tutorial Groups with a tutor for each group. The senior tutor supervises and regulates the functioning of this system.

Teaching assistant is the member of tutorial board. All duties performed by teaching assistants shall be under the supervision and direction of a designated member of the faculty. The tutor maintains a cumulative record of the academic performance, attendance, discipline, behavior and state of physical/mental health of each student in his group. With the help of record, the tutor is in a position to report correctly on the conduct and performance of a student as and when required. Such duties may include student practice sessions, discussion sessions, assistance in laboratories, recitation sessions, review sessions and similar activities. In addition, teaching assistants may be assigned to hold office hours, hold student conferences, evaluate student work, and to perform similar common academic duties. Teaching assistants may not be assigned regular classroom instruction duties nor may they serve as an instructor of record for any instructional activity. The head of department (HOD) of the technology, in consultation with the chairs of departments in which teaching assistants are employed, shall set the basic workload policy for teaching assistants within the institute.