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System Analyst Sunday, April 15, 2018 | 2:17:18 PM

KPK Board of Technical Education, Peshawar

The KPK BTE, Peshawar has become a legendary center of Technical Education, respected nationally as well as internationally for its brilliant performance in teaching and technical activities. Our programs are very much part of practical context, with students enjoying the benefits of working with research scholars(faulty), who are not only teaching but also ensuring that the latest developments are integrated into our study programs at different levels. A number of newly emerging disciplines have been added to make the technical education relevant to the future needs of the society. As a successor to the West Pakistan Board of technical education Lahore, the NWFP Board of Technical Education was established in March 1973 under the North West frontier province board of technical education Act 1972.

The affiliation is for the following diplomas of Associate Engineer.

  1. Petroleum & Gas Technology
  2. Civil Technology
  3. Mechanical Technology
  4. Electrical Technology
  5. Electronics Technology
  6. Computer Technology
  7. Telecom Technology




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