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Universities Linkages

    Sr. #    Name of the University    Country
    01    Massachusetts Institute of Technology    US
    02    University of Cambridge    UK
    03    University of Oxford    UK
    04    University of California, Berkeley    US
    05    Stanford University    US
    06    Princeton University    US
    07    University of California, Los Angeles    US
    08    University of Tokyo    Japan
    09    Yale University    US
    10    California Institute of Technology    US
    11    University of Michigan    US
    12    Columbia University    US
    13    University of Chicago    US
    14    Imperial College London    UK
    15    University of Toronto    Canada
    16    Cornell University    US
    17    University of Pennsylvania    US
    18    Johns Hopkins University    US
    19    University College London    UK
    20    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich    Switzerland
    21    National University of Singapore    Singapore
    22    Kyoto University    Japan
    23    University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign    US
   24    London School of Economics and Political Science    UK

   Internationally Recognized Institution


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