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Terms & Conditions for Admission in Short Diplomas


Application forms along with the Prospectus will be avail bale in the Institute Admin office up to a fixed date as announced by the Institute in the Press/Electronic Media.

Try to submit the application along with the required documents as early as possible. Do not wait for the last date. As soon as the process of selection is complete, the merit list will be notified showing the percentage admission marks of the applicants admitted in different disciplines against different categories.

The selected students shall enroll themselves by paying the required fee, etc. within specified time limit. A selected student who fails to enroll in time shall lose his claim for admission.


He should have passed the middle examination.

Documents Required

Documents required along with the admission forms are given bellow.

  Sr. #   Photo Copies of the Documents   Copies
  01   Metric Certificate   8
  02    Character Certificate issued by last school   1
  03    Residential certificate (Domicile)   1
  04    Photographs   8
  05    CNIC of father/guardian   1
  06    Undertaking duly signed by Father / Guardians (Stamp Paper).   1

Attestation of Attached Documents

All documents to be attached with the application Form and should be attested by a gazette officer (Scale >=17) of the government.

Terms & Dates

Admissions are opened from the 1st of June.

Age Limit

There is no age limit for Short diplomas/courses of two or three months, even one year.

Note:- whenever it is detected that an applicant has/had submitted false/forged document (s) his admission shall be cancelled and case of forgery initiated against him.

For Further Queries

If you have any query regarding admissions which can be answered satisfactorily on the telephone, you may dial conveyor, Admission Committee at Tel. # 051-2614131 during working hours. Members of the Institute staff will also be available for personal consultation during admission period.