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Shahid Basheer

Message from the President of Afroasian Center

It is encouraging that the RED-C Institute of Engineering & Technology Islamabad is stepping into another academic year of its endeavor to provide quality education to our youth. As our country is facing the daunting task of developing an education system compatible with the present day needs, RED-C IET is set to exploit all available resources to achieve this cherished goal.

We are hopeful that your stay with us will become an academically enriching experience. You will not only gain state-of-the-art education but will also be groomed to face the challenges of the 21st century. Here you will get a chance to enhance your career opportunities.

I hope you will find much in these pages (Prospectus) that will help you in taking the right decision at this vital stage of your career. I wish a better future for the institution and its students. 


 Shahid Basheer Warriach


Afroasian Center