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Hostel Rules & Reguations

These shall be called hostel rules and regulations of the REDC Institute of Engineering and Technology, 2014.

  1. Hostel admission is applicable for at least one academic year. Which can be extended further?
  2. Total charges of hostel will be 12x6500=78000 per year
  3. Hostel charges should be paid by proper time.
  4. Daily attendance of hostel students is taken by hostel warden
  5. No outside hostel activity in the name of RED-C IET can be arranged without prior permission of the concerned administration.
  6. Indulging in such activities which are derogatory to Islam and against the prestige and honor of the Institute.
  7. The students who are going on short leave must take permission from Principal, and entry in the register while going out of the hostel and coming inside the hostel.
  8. Water and electricity should be used economically. Use of the electrical appliances e.g. heater, stove, kettle, iron, hot pleat etc. is strictly prohibited. Heavy fine will be charged if student found using such appliances and they will be liable for dismissal from the hostel. Switch off the light and fan while going out of the room.
  9. Students should always carry the RED-C IET identity card and produce on demand.
  10. Hosteller should obey the rules set up by the committee to maintain discipline in the mess hall.
  11. (Father, Brother, Uncle) may be allowed to stay in room and guest charge of Rs.200/- per day per guest must be paid.
  12. The jewelry, money and other costly items should be kept in safe custody, on students own risk. The authority holds no responsibility for the theft or loss..
  13. Newspaper and magazines should be read in the reading room only.
  14. If anybody is found in infringement of Warden Instructions, misbehaving in the hostel premises or RED-C IET premises on road and doing unfair, which will damage the image of the institute, shall be punished.
  15. The decision of the Principal shall be final on the matters pertaining to the hostel.
  16. Parties or other special gatherings in the hostel are not permitted.
  17. Hostel furniture must not be moved from one room to another.
  18. Any damage of hostel property must be reported immediately to the Warden. Hostilities will be charged for all damages except those caused by normal wear and tear.
  19. Smoking, Alcoholic drinking is strictly prohibited. If any person found in such kind of guilty then immediate termination will be done from the institute as well as hostel.
  20. Allowing unauthorized person Parasite in the room strictly not allowed. Cancellation of membership in the hostel and fine will be taken.

Note:- The student should strictly obey the instruction and rules given above. Violation of any of the above rules by the student, shall be dealt with disciplinary action to the extent of even expelling him from the hostel and institute, in that case the decision of the Principal shall be final and binding for the student and his parents.