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System Analyst Monday, April 16, 2018 | 07:37:56 PM

Slection Procedure

RED-C IET Recruitment & Selection Policy is:-

  1. Fair and consistent.
  2. Be non-discriminatory on the grounds of colour, nation origin, sex, race, age, religion or disability.
  3. Conform to constitutional regulations and agreed best practices.
  4. RED-C IET uses a merit based system to optimize potential for selecting the most suitable applicant for the job. This method uses combination of written application, behaviorally based interview questions and written test etc.


  1. All appointment shall be on probation for period of three months or otherwise intimated in the letter of appointment.
  2. In the event of an employee failing to show satisfactory performance during the probationary period, the institute may, at its discretion, extend the period of probation by a further period not exceeding one month.
  3. If an employee fails to complete the extended probationary period satisfactorily, the institute may, at its discretion, offer him an appointment in a lower grade with the usual probationary period or terminate his services.
  4. The institute may, at its discretion, curtail or dispense with the probationary period of an employee during his probation.
  5. If no order confirming an employee or extending the period of probation of an employee is issued on or before the expiry of his probationary period, the initial probationary period shall be deemed to have been satisfactorily completed.


  1. An employee shall be deemed to have been confirmed in the service of the institute, on satisfactory completion of the probationary period or if that period is extended, on satisfactory completion of such extended period.
  2. Confirmation of an employee who has satisfactorily completed his probationary period of service will be given effect from the date of his initial appointment in the grade.