Pak South Africa Friendship Association
Internationally recognized institution
Indiscipline Action

The under mentioned attitudes will be treated as acts of breach of discipline:-

  1. Smoking is not allowed on campus including roof top, lounges, corridor, back lawns and the front area of the campus.
  2. Jewelry, Pony tails, Bandanas, caps, shawls
  3. All students are required to carry a valid student ID card while on campus.
  4. No outside campus activity in the name of RIET can be arranged without prior permission of the concerned administration.
  5. Students are not allowed to display notices, and posters or chalking without the approval of Administration.
  6. Drinking and eating is not allowed in the classrooms, labs, and corridor and during any formal activity.
  7. The use of mobile phone within the campus is against the norms of an academic institution. There fore mobile phones are strictly prohibited on campus.
  8. Any act of moral turpitude questionable and punishable under good behavior rules.
  9. Indulging in such activities which are derogatory to Islam and against the prestige and honor of the Institute.
  10. Provocative speech, an attempt to organize a strike or participate in that to pressurize the Institute for unlawful demands.
  11. Use of force and causing damage to the Institute or public property.
  12. Possessing or carrying any arms, or any other weapons dangerous to human life.
  13. only decently trimmed hair-cut is allowed. Hair growing over and beyond the ears or touching the shirt collar on the back is accounted as violation and taken seriously. Parents may, therefore, please ensure compliance of the same.
  14. Are not allowed.
  15. Should be such tailored as to give modest look.
  16. Parking of vehicles is prohibited at any place other than the parking area provided by the institute. Parking shall be at owner's own risk.
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Note:- In result of inquiry if the Students Discipline Committee is satisfied that an act of indiscipline has been committed, it may impose penalty according to gravity of the case as prescribed.