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Message from the Honorable Chief Minister of NWFP

It gives me great pleasure to write the foreword for the REDC Institute of Engineering & Technology Islamabad.

Let me begin by reiterating that the REDC Technical education Promotion program is towards excellence. I see this as not only an aspiration; but also imperative in view of the current climate of rapid change and increasing competition in the education environment. Faced with the challenges to provide and maintain relevancy to the country’s manpower needs, the REDC Institute requires a clear mission.

Although the government, on its part, is sparing so effort in making the educational facilities accessible to the people, yet the role of private sector assumes greater importance in the achievement of these objectives. I am confident that REDC Institute of Engineering & Technology Islamabad would come up to the expectations of the nation in this respect.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Principal, Faculty and Administration and all those who are involved in the promotion of REDC Institute of Engineering and Technology Islamabad.

Chief Minister
Government of NWFP