Pak South Africa Friendship Association
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(Founder of the RED-C)

Iqra- Read in the name of thy Lord It is unfortunate that the Muslims have failed to follow the very first directive to human being by the Almighty. I remind my young generation this first imperative of Allah Almighty and try to pave their way towards the ultimate success and prosperity.

Our nation can only flourish if we put our efforts along with our ability and vigor to study and enable the nation to complete the challenges of the world at large and ultimately reaching to the Zenith of success and fame.

I also remind the three golden principles of the founder of the country: Faith, Unity and Discipline. I also assure that we shall inculcate the sprit of courage, conviction and determination among the students with a political-free and patriotic growth along with professional skills.

May Allah give all of us strength to pursue an extreme path to build Muslim Ummah as an example for other nations! Ameen

Rehmat Ullah Khan Wazir
B.E. (Software Engineering) from U.E.T. Taxila.
M.S. (Computer Science) from University of Lahore