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The following students are the top position holders in the final Board Examinations who have converted the dreams of the Pioneer of the RED-C institute into reality. when they showed outstanding performance in the very first session.

(All Pakistan 1st Position Holder)

"I as the first Pakistan topper "Abdul Wahab Qureshi" agree that RED-C institute is the best Technical institute in all over the Pakistan. The principal and teachers at the RED-C institute are wonderful, kind, and good hearted people who want students to learn and to have a positive experience. I remain close with my teachers whom I count as life long friends. The goal I achieved is all due to the efforts & prayers of my beloved teachers and parents. I pray for the prosperity and the excellence of this institute. May Allah Almighty give power to this Institute to progress by leaps and bounds". !Ameen


(Board 2nd Position Holder)

"First of all I thank all the staff in the RED-C Institute of Engineering & Technology for contributing a vital role in achieving my highest score in the final exam of KPK Board of Technical Education Peshawar. The spark of interest and excitement in the eyes of an inquisitive and independent learner. Although it does require a lot of time, effort and perseverance, the RED-C institute gives us a lot in return. In all honesty, the RED-C institute does prepare us for life in the 'real world. I hope best for its prosperity and believe it will continue serving its wonderful education as it has been doing for a long time."


(Board 3rd Position Holder)

"I realize that efforts of my teachers and the various members of the administration have played an important role in ensuring my current position in the KPK Board of Technical Education, Peshawar. The most significant aspect of the technology is that we are encouraged to become 'reflective learners' from the outset. I have been taught to understand myself and others around me as learners and see our learning in the context of the world we live in."


Other Shining Stars

Muhammad Rameez
Marks 899/1100

Yasir Majeedz
Marks 859/1100

Waseem Khan
Marks 853/1100


Badar Munir
Marks 852/1100

Raja Adnan Qayyum
Marks 851/1100

Haroon Fareed
Marks 846/1100


Usman Sajjad
Marks 841/1100

Muhammad Arshad
Marks 825/1100

Muhammad Usman
Marks 821/1100


Muhammad Ibrahim
Marks 820/1100

Shazad Alam
Marks 891/1100

Ali Sadiq
Marks 864/1100


Aqeel Nawaz
Marks 847/1100

Muhammad Adeel
Marks 844/1100

Muhammad Noman
Marks 843/1100


Abdus Salam
Marks 821/1100

Nazeer Ahmed
Marks 817/1100

Muhammad Qasim
Marks 810/1100



Muhammad Ayub
Marks 807/1100